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Our Care Services

Our Care Services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their family members. We will carry out support visits at a time that is convenient to you or someone you care for. You can let us know the times that suit your lifestyle, and those visits may be varied whenever you wish. We are available 365 days of the year, and 24 hours a day. We offer a flexible approach to suit you, to fit in with your needs and routines. From half an hour a week, to full time live-in care with a trained carer living with you on an on-going basis. Within our Care delivery services, we ensure that :

  • Staff have exceptional skills and ability to recognise when people feel unsafe. We do this by ensuring that our staff are well trained and are up to date with the Health and social care standards and current legislation relating to the provision of our services.

  • The services we provide are effective by demonstrating a strong multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working in the provision of care. We do this by ensuring that our staff support each other to meet the needs of the service users.

  • We promote and implement person centred values in the provision of care and support. We respect the needs, wishes and preferences of the individuals we support. We also ensure that our provision of care is consistent and transparent.

  • We develop our service to be flexible and tailored to meet individual needs, wishes and preferences. We listen to the needs of the people we support and also learn from them.

  • We have a clear vision and set of values. Social Care Academy has a strong focus on quality and safety and providing services that meet the needs of individuals. The individual’s safety is at the forefront of our agenda

Our Training Centre

We deliver Health and Social Care courses. Our aim is to differentiate learning to meet each student's needs for them to progress swiftly and achieve a qualification. Most of our qualifications are accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) and they are Credited Frameworks.

In Learning and development, Social Care Academy focuses on the core values of social care such as : 

  • Supporting the development of excellence in social care services through quality learning experiences 

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in relation to fair access to learning and development for all

  • The progress and development of all learners

  • The experiences the learner brings to their own learning and to others 

  • Putting people who use services and carers at the heart of their designs for learning and development 

  • Evaluation and development of our own practice as providers of learning and development 

  • The embedding of the adult social care value base within all learning activities.

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